Arthur creates a contemporary sculpture while drawing inspiration from the African or ethnic art that he feels close to and which allows him to use or reuse natural materials or recovery, in accordance with his way of thinking and being.

Photo credits : Julien Malabry

The journey and the work

I’ve always been interested in using materials other than paints and canvas, mixing paper collages with oil or acrylic paint.

The next step was to combine painting with wood and plants thereby giving my works a structure similar to sculpting.
At present, this trend is mixed as I can paint by using these materials or do sculptures on a base or walls whilst also using paint.
I create my sculptures by using drift wood of unexpected shapes, burnt wood to obtain unique texture and colours both of which are natural and environmentally friendly. I leave the wood gathered in its natural state in order to respect as much as possible the work of nature and time.
I have adopted the Buddhist quote “everything is a sign for those who know how to look” and I use the extraordinary wealth and diversity of the shapes created by nature.
My ethnic sculptures are formed out of the harmony between the importance of my search for the elements and the gathering of these elements without harming nature.
The quality of the collected materials and their quantities are fundamental for the assembly. I take special care in studying the detail of the material.
The possibility of spreading out onto a wall gives me a freedom of expression that I do not have in a sculpture with a base.
The base prevents me from reaching my fullest potential; it limits my imaginary process and confines me to a restricted surface making me feel as if I’m being pulled in.

The search

Attractiveness is a major concern in my work. I find it in the simplest things such as a piece of wood, a tree bark, a stone or a shape. It doesn’t matter what the element is insofar as it can give a sense of beauty; it must not be abandoned, it must be given new meaning. It will become a link in the chain that will be the finished work.

Each element of my sculpture will be virtually preserved in its raw state and will take part in the creation of the work.
Being somewhat of an observer of my own work due to the shapes that nature dictates, I give meaning to the work, a meaning that is related to my ideas.
The assembling of the various salvaged materials that I use such as wood, tree barks, roots, drift wood or burnt wood, plaster moulds, concrete, electronic components give me infinite possibilities.
I have adopted this contemporary vision of sculpting that involves an unrelenting desire to express myself on a large surface or over a large volume. It allows me to follow through on my ideas.