Pixel Serie 2016

The use of laminated wood, worked horizontally and associated with black paint gives a “Soulagian” tone to Arthur’s new creations.
By getting rid of colors to keep only the black in its different aspects velvety, glossy, matt or satin, Arthur plays with the light and he emphasizes and reveals the materials he uses.

Photo credits : Frédérique Cohen-Adad

Black Paintings Serie 2015/2016

Photo credits : Frédérique Cohen-Adad

Megalopolis & materials Serie 2013/2015

This series started by chance. By manipulating materials of recovery, Arthur was inspired by the forms that nature offered him to build buildings, cities. He added elements like concrete, plaster, paper to his creations and he used the color and the texture of his painting so as to complete them and sublimate them.

Photo credits : Julien Malabry